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Working Hiatus

I recently took a hiatus from Night Time Technical Training. For approximately three years, I taught Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  I had a few weeks break every now and again, but for quite a while I didn’t have a break at all.  In addition to working at night, I also do consulting work during the… Continue reading Working Hiatus

Career Experiments – Passion Finding Process

Career Experiments I’m searching for my career passion.  I’ve tried various surveys both professional and self-administered.  I’ve read multiple books on the subject.  I read multiple blog posts about finding ones’ passion. Yet, I’ve come to realize that passion is like love.  For me, with love, when I met might wife for the second time… Continue reading Career Experiments – Passion Finding Process

the step-child blog

Well hello, long time no chat. Yes, I have concentrated much of my efforts on this blog at and at It is not that I don’t much to say, its more I use the time to say it constructively tackling other projects. We’ll see. I might move this to a tumblr or posterous… Continue reading the step-child blog

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Government Budget Catch 22

Catch 22: describing a set of rules, regulations or procedures, or situation which presents the illusion of choice while preventing any real choice. source: Before we get to the Government Budget Catch 22, let’s talk Aesop. One of Aesop’s fables: The Ant and the Grasshopper teaches the moral of hardwork and saving our food… Continue reading Government Budget Catch 22

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Starting Fresh

Did Scott start over again? I sure did. I decided to start my blog over once again. I deleted all my content, I moved it out of a stand-alone wordpress and back into a wpmu set-up. The fun about being a technologist and working on your own work, is you can blow things up, start… Continue reading Starting Fresh

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