First Draft: About Scott v 0.1

Scott Stawarz Mountain Biking in Oahu
Scott Stawarz

I recently met with a newly formed master mind group involving some very new and old friends. If you are not familiar with a master mind group, I suggest you read Think and Grow Rich. Here’s the quick run down: A mastermind is a group of people who collectively work together to help us all achieve our dreams and goals.

This particular group was started by my friend Coach Culbertson.  If you have not had a chance, you must see coach talk.  He’s an amazing motivator and is rather entertaining.  Anyway, our first assignment was to create an About me page.

Now, I have written bio’s for myself before.  In fact, you can read my long-ish version of the bio at my company’s site: Octavity Services page.  In addition, you can read my shorter more personal biography at my personal blog:  Or maybe, my Fitness biography at Simpleweight’s about page (okay, that last one needs some work). I’ve also written biography’s for various technology training center’s.

So, I wanted to go into this assignment with an open mind.  I wanted to clear my past, and just think about what I want to say as an expert and for the future.  So, here’s my very rough, First Draft.  I’m almost embarrased to post it, but part of my growth experience needs to be bringing this out in to the wild.

Scott Stawarz

Scott Stawarz Mountain Biking in Oahu

A passionate contemporary technologist and world-class problem solver, Scott helps business owners use technology to improve profit. He also teaches how to become a world-class trainer. Scott’s super power is converting technology & business language into layman terms that solve everyday problems. He has been a technology trainer for more than 10 years and has helped businesses get the maximum firepower out of their I.T. budgets. He set off on a quest to— (I really don’t know. If I actually knew what it was, then this would be easy. Still figure out what my quest is).

As a software engineering consultant, Scott helped, a $5 billion/year company, save gobs of money by converting an antiquated paper back-end ticketing process system into a web based application that is now used across the midwest amphitheaters and concert venues. As a Technical Trainer, Scott trained thousands of students on complex technologies to solve real-world problems. Besides speaking and teaching, Scott is an out-sourced Director of IT for Small Business.  He is currently directing experiments in Conversion Rate Optimization for improving website leads.

Scott’s ideas and work have been recognized by his parents, his brother, and his wife (change this?). In the past, he has worked with a bunch of people (Do I need to identify who?). Scott’s latest book, The Three T’s: Teaching Simplified (still need to write this), is available at

Scott Stawarz has played jazz trombone since 1985. He has completed multiple olympic distance triathlons, and he thinks of himself as a polymath. As a fitness aficionado and technology geek, he is not afraid to admit to loving food, reading, and the internet. Tweet @scottstawarz to connect with him, he’ll be glad you did. And while you’re here, why not sign up for Scott’s latest FREE ebook, “I don’t know what the…(Still have to write that ebook) ? Just leave a comment or put your name and email into the box below, and I’ll send it to you when the ebook is written.  🙂

Like, I said, this is a rough draft. I’m still working on this, and I’m not sure which way I want to go. I have lots of passions: Fatherhood, Husbandry, Finance, Life, God and Spirit, Technology, Politics, Jazz, Fitness, Health, I could go on and on etc… Figuring out my passion is a challenge. Figuring out what comes easy to me and something that I do with elegance and ease is a challenge. If you know me, What do you think? what do I do with elegance and ease? I know its not dancing. I dance like a tin robot who’s been sitting out in the corn field getting rained on. Stiff as a board.

Parting thought

I often think deep. I often think about life.  In my thoughts, I wonder if the meaning of life is learning to become self-less and giving.  What do I mean?  When we are born, we are born selfish.  I mean we have to be.  As a baby, you only care about: eating, sleeping, pooping, and receiving love, of course not necessarily in that order. As we grow older, as a toddler and a young grade-school child, we actually demonstrate great compassion and self-less-ness, but we are still incredibly needy.  Then, puberty kicks in and of course, during these difficult teenage years, we become the center of the universe.  As we begin to age and have our own kids, we gradually learn to give.  We give ourselves to our wife, husband, friends.  we give ourselves to our kids.  We give ourselves to our country, our business, and for the lucky some, we give ourselves up to the divine.  Yet, are we giving because we’re selfish or self-less?  Eventually, we are humbled in our old age, and we relinquish our independence and become needy and learning to give up everything we ever received.

I’d love to hear your comments about my First Draft Biography.  I’d also love to hear what you think my talent is.  What do I do with elegant and ease?  When I have a conversation with you, what topic do you see my passion rising?