As you can tell, if you have been looking at my posts. That I took a long hiatus from publishing. Recently, Feb 2024, I started posting on my LinkedIn. Additionally, since the end of Feb, I recently restarted posting on my fitness blog. I may start doing some cross posting but for now, that’s enough.… Continue reading Restart

Name Thy Fear.

First Day of the Eleventh Month of the Twenty-Twenty-Oneth Year. It’s the day after Halloween. Halloween a United States custom of celebrating scary activities, dressing up in costume, and tricks or treats. Halloween reminds me of fear. Fears. We all have them. Sure some macho-man or macho-lady will say they face their fears, but the… Continue reading Name Thy Fear.

I Think You Should be More Controlling in 2012

I Think You Should be More Controlling in 2012. My wish for you as the calendars turn is that you focus your efforts, both personally and professionally, on the stuff you can control. It’s the only thing you can do. Literally. –Andy Hayes

Working Hiatus

I recently took a hiatus from Night Time Technical Training. For approximately three years, I taught Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  I had a few weeks break every now and again, but for quite a while I didn’t have a break at all.  In addition to working at night, I also do consulting work during the… Continue reading Working Hiatus

Career Experiments – Passion Finding Process

Career Experiments I’m searching for my career passion.  I’ve tried various surveys both professional and self-administered.  I’ve read multiple books on the subject.  I read multiple blog posts about finding ones’ passion. Yet, I’ve come to realize that passion is like love.  For me, with love, when I met might wife for the second time… Continue reading Career Experiments – Passion Finding Process