As you can tell, if you have been looking at my posts. That I took a long hiatus from publishing.

Recently, Feb 2024, I started posting on my LinkedIn. Additionally, since the end of Feb, I recently restarted posting on my fitness blog. I may start doing some cross posting but for now, that’s enough.

Why the hiatus?

  • Consulting engagements consumed most of my business time.
  • Parenting consumed my personal time.
  • Social media and short posts consumed the rest of my time.

If I ask that again, Why the hiatus? and continue to ask Why? It’s deeper I guess. Let’s use some examples.

Collectively, I’d venture to guess that people know eating real foods, not too much, mostly plants, is the way to a healthy diet. Yet, most people eat too much and eat fast processed food. Similarly, I’d venture to guess most people fundamentally know, we need to move more, get outside more, use the phone less. Yet, we don’t do it. These are all “hard” activities.

I’d say the same publicly publishing. By publishing, you can make a big impact on your personal search results. I convey this message to any of my students and employees often. I challenge them to control their public digital persona by publishing. Most don’t do it. For the past 10+ years, I failed to publish.

Before I expound, One more example: fundamentally, many people know that one should spend less than they earn. Yet, too many are in debt with little savings.

All of these activities do not have an immediate net positive impact. Sure, occasionally, someone will go viral and get a post to be read. For most people, the posts are never read. If save a dollar today, to spend in the far of the future, the future is nebulous. Why delay the gratification of eating engineered to be yummy tasting foods for future healthier body.

For me, I put all my passion and my self towards helping my clients’ businesses and neglected my own. It is easy to rationalize since my clients will pay me to do work. The opportunity cost of working on my own business was easy to see in the short-term and difficult to forecast in the long-term. So, I neglected publishing.

Now, I have learned to exercise. I have learned to eat healthy. I have learned to save money. Each one of those actions took a concerted daily routine with a habit hooking to really get these activities ingrained into my daily life. I can do the same with publishing if I want it.

Similar to exercising, healthy eating, and fiscally saving, it takes tiny little habits to start and grow into a full routine. I don’t want to spread my focus too thin otherwise the habit building will not stick. So, for now, this blog will stay as is.

Cheers for now!