Working Hiatus

I recently took a hiatus from Night Time Technical Training.

For approximately three years, I taught Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  I had a few weeks break every now and again, but for quite a while I didn’t have a break at all.  In addition to working at night, I also do consulting work during the day, and I have contract training during the day.  I also do my best to take time to raise my children at home.

Let me take a step back,  The reason I choose the life as a micropreneur was the ability to take time to raise my children.  I want to be a work at home Dad.  Yet, my commitments collectively were intruding on that time. So, I decided it was time for a break.  I needed a hiatus.  Fortunately, I have enough projects and gigs to allow me to choose the time I want to work.  (Although, I am always on the look out for new projects, call me.)

Now, What do I want to get out of my self-imposed Hiatus?

  • I wanted time to think.  When all you do is work, work, work.  You lose the time to be creative.  I needed that time back. I want to think and create.
  • I wanted time to my family. Working at night made me miss some events for my son, and I hated that.  Additionally, my wife’s work life is more hectic these days.  I need to be able to help out when she’s crazy busy.
  • 2011 is the year of the product for me.  I want to create products, and I need time to take action.
  • I haven’t played Jazz Music in a while.  I wanted time to practice my trombone, and join a Jazz Band again.  (still working on this.)

It’s been a little over a month since I taught my last night class.  Here’s the thing I have noticed.  When you create free time, its easy to fill it with other tasks.  If you don’t set time aside for thinking, then your mind will shut down.  The mind is a muscle.  It must be exercised.  It must be tuned. I’ve been home.  I have exercised more.  I have cooked and cleaned more.  I’ve watched more shows on netflix.  I’ve actually read less email, read less social media, and less blogs.  I allowed my mind to rest while I fill the time with other tasks.  Its time to take that back.  Still thinking, but action must come sooner rather than later to meet my 2011 goals.

I was listening to the Back to Work Podcast.  I loved this thought:  If you ever want to get back on the path, all you need to do is step onto the path.  If you ever want to work, all you need to do is get back to work that is meaningful.

As you can tell, I’m stepping back on the path.  I’m keeping these blog posts rough.  I figure its better to just post rather than not post.  The more I post the better I’ll get at it.

It’s time for me to get back to my working hiatus.