Starting Fresh

Did Scott start over again?

I sure did. I decided to start my blog over once again. I deleted all my content, I moved it out of a stand-alone wordpress and back into a wpmu set-up. The fun about being a technologist and working on your own work, is you can blow things up, start over and experiment anew.

My voice

I haven’t found my blog voice.

One day in the future I plan to do a social test. Can a regular middle-class citizen such as myself get elected to a state-wide elected office? I was very tempted to set this website up as a 2010 IL US Senator campaign site, but I have decided to delay that so I can spend more time with my family.

I often feel that we’re currently in a state of taxation without representation. What I mean by that in order to get elected to public office, one needs to raise millions of dollars to be able to effectively reach the public with your views. Consequently, it is only those individuals who are wealthy, know wealthy individuals, or sell-out to wealthy individuals that actually reach public office.

With the advent of social media tools, can we democratize our own system? We will see. More thought experiments to come.